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Mobile Legends Patch 1.1.83 (TEXT)

Minggu, 21 Mei 2017
I - Words From Designers
In order to create our own legend of Mobile Legends and to allow our player to fight more smoothly on the "Land of Dawn", we optimized parts of heroes, map scenery, user interface and gear items. We are committed to present you a special MOBA game and hope you will like the changes.
II - Hero Balance
First skill's name changed to make it easier to understand. Magic Dart: Fires a magic dart that can fly back in a specified direction, dealing magic damage to enemies on both its way out and back.
Fixed the bug with his weapon's animation.
-Yun Zhao, Bruno, Clint, Miya, Bane, Tigreal-
Adjusted following heroes' appearance to make them look better.
III - Gear and Battle Spells Adjustment
Calamity Scythe: Name changed to "Calamity Reaper".
Frost: Name changed to "Ice Queen Wand".
Guardian Relic: Name changed to "Holy Crystal".
Execute, Assault, Purify, Flicker: New icons.
IV - Battleground Adjustments
1. Optimized the classic 5v5 map scenery "Land of Dawn" and improved following elements: atmosphere of forests, broken remains, etc., to make it have more feels of exuberance and intense battles.
2. Changed the "Attack" message in the quick map orders to make it match with the basic attack button and easier to understand.
V - Bug Repair
1. Fixed the bug with abnormal camera angle when watching a livestream.