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New Hero Aurora (Skills & Abilities)!

Rabu, 10 Mei 2017

Frost Shock (Skill 1): Fires forward a Frost Energy Missile, when it hits the enemy it will detonate and deal 240 radial Magic Damage and slow enemies down.

Bitter frost (Skill 2): Deals 420 pts of Magic Damage to target with additional small scale slowdown effect.

Coldness Destroy (Skill 3): Summons a giant icy rock to bombard a designated targetlocation, all enemy heroes hit will be slowed down and receive 800 points of Magic Damage.Surrounding enemies of the target location where the rock lands also will beslowed down and receive 400 pts of Magic Damage.

Pride of Ice (Passive): Each time the skill is released, one unit of frost energy will be added to hero, when 4 units of frost energy is collected, the next skill damage will freeze the target. All skills can cause extra magic damage to the frozen target