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Martis Skills & Abilities

Kamis, 08 Februari 2018
Hero cost: 599 Diamonds or 32000 BP

Passive: Ashura’s Wrath, Greatly enhances movement speed and attack speed after successful kills or assists. The movement speed bonus will gradually decay over time.

Skill 1: Ashura Aura, Martis focuses the power of the Ashura’s Teeth to draw in enemies in a fan-shaped area in front of him and deal damage to them.

Skill 2: Mortal Coil, There exists nothing between the heavens and earth, nor in the Three Thousand Worlds, that can resist the might of the Ashura. Harnesses the might of the Ashura’s Teeth, blade of the underworld, to rain down unearthly judgement on his enemies, dealing damage and knocking them back. Use this skill again to charge after the target, knocking enemies up and dealing damage.

Ulti: Decimate, All that lives must die; the only truth lies in emptiness. In the final secret world, only the one true Ashura King shall emerge triumphant. Charges to the designated enemy hero, dealing damage. If the target is below half HP, this skill will deal additional damage. Killing a target with this skill will give you the chance to use it again for a short period.